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    CI-V issues with HL-1.5KFX

    Since adding a Flex 6300 alongside my IC-756 Pro3 and making them both work with my HL-1.5KFX, AT-Auto Tuner, and Arduino Band Decoder all on the CI-V bus I have discovered two significant issues, in addition to the simple one of having a fixed '5C' address:

    1) the amp sources 9.6 ma at 5v on the CI-V bus! This swamps a CT-17 multi-port CI-V box. The Pro3 is only 0.15 ma at 4.4V, the AT-Auto tuner is 1.0 ma at 5v, and my Arduino Band Decoder (used with my remote coax switch) is 4.6 ma at 2.99V. The MAX232 chip in the CT-17 is only rated at about 8 ma. I built a copy of the CT-17 but added an SN7417 driver chip rated at 40 ma and that solved that problem, but ...

    2) When the amp is turned off it kills the CI-V bus! The amp must be On in order for other devices on the bus to work. I typically only turn the amp on when needed so this is a real negative.

    I have been running the amp in ICOM Voltage sensing mode with the Pro3 and Kenwood CAT mode with the Flex 6300 but recently decided to try the CT-17 modified copy in order to run the amp in ICOM all the time. Now I'm just going back to that method due to problem #2 above. All I have to do is remember to switch the amp from Icom mode to Kenwood mode when changing radios.

    Anyone else had fun experiences with this amp on a CI-V bus with other equipment?

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    Oh yes I have experienced the same problem using my Icom 7600 with the THP 2.5Kfx and the Steppir controller. It works fine until I add HRD into the mix and then it just swamps HRD with all sorts of data until it flakes out in DM780.

    Here is the solution that I found to the broken Icom Civ system.


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    Thanks Rob, yes I tried the CI-V Router but had some problems that I can't recall at the moment and had to return it. I'm currently content with using the ICOM voltage level interface when using my 756Pro3 and switching the amp to Kenwood mode when I'm using my Flex via DDUtil. I also keep Transceive ON when using the ICOM and control the radio ONLY from HRD (else its messages cause HRD to crash). When using the Flex I switch Transceive to OFF and park the Icom on 160M to keep it far away from my Flex transmit frequency (it's antenna is also grounded when I switch to the Flex).


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    I'm having trouble with mine The 1.5 trying to get it to work with at Yaesu 1000D can't get it to work going to try to ground it tomorrow if that don't work I don't know

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