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    THP HL-1.5Kfx Control Issue

    I recently acquired an HL-1.5Kfx that is unresponsive to front panel controls and to external PTT controls to activate the amplifier. I have confirmed that control inputs are reaching the CPU and that the CPU oscillator is running. I have also confirmed that the CPU reset is high. Symptoms would indicate a CPU that is not running.

    Would anyone know if replacement CPUs can be had or if the firmware is available to burn new ones?

    Warren Allgyer - WA8TOD

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    This issue has been resolved. I have replaced the firmware on the PIC18F8722-I/PT processor using a Pickit3 In Circuit Serial Programmer connected to the ICSP J6 on the Main Control board. I used the MPLAB IDE from Microcircuits to download the file from the unresponsive amp. I also downloaded the same file from a second, working amp and found the checksums did not match. So, using MPLAB IDE and the Pickit3 I was able to upload the hex file from the working amp to the processor on the unresponsive one and it suddenly sprang to life.

    I do not know the background of the unresponsive amp as it was passed to me as "unworking, for parts only" but I suspect a botched firmware upgrade caused the problem. The amp appears to be in perfect working order otherwise and is now fully functional.

    I will place the good hex file in the "Files" section here since others may not be as fortunate as I was to have access to a working amp.

    Warren Allgyer - WA8TOD

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    Hi Warren

    That is very good news. We did not have access to the 1.5Kfx firmware because I don't have that amplifier and no one has done the work to pull the firmware before. I did not see the file in the file section.


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