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    THP HL-1.5Kfx Fan direction?

    I recently acquired two inoperative THP HL-1.5Kfx amps. One is fully repaired and the other in process.

    Question: Should cooling air exit the top of the amp or enter there and exit the back. Unbelievably, one of the amps is one way and the other is backward....... but I am not sure which is correct. Normally it is more efficient to push cool air through than pull hot air out.

    Anyone? What does yours do?

    Warren Allgyer

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    I've used two different THP HL-1.5Kfx amplifiers (own one), and both push out the hot air from the top.

    There should be an arrow symbol casted on the fan body, which way do they point in your amps?
    (in mine the arrows point "in")

    Mikko, AB6RF

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